Preprints of the Seminar by years:

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06.93 V. Lychagin, Colour Calculus and Colour Quantizations.

09.93 V. Lychagin, Quantizations of braided differential operators.

10.93 V. Lychagin, Braidings and Quantizations over bialgebras.

01.94 V. Lychagin, Calculus and Quantizations over Hopf algebras.


03.96 V. Lychagin, What do we need to build up Quantum Mechanics on Manifolds?.

10.96 B. Kruglikov, Nijenhuis tensors and obstructions for pseudoholomorphic mapping constructions.

12.97 P. Jakobsen, V. Lychagin, The theory of linear G-difference equations.


01.98 B. Kruglikov, M. Overholt, Pseudoholomorphic mappings and Kobayashi hyperbolicity.

04.98 V. Lychagin, A. Prasolov, Products and quantizations in K-theory of braiding-commutative algebras.

07.98 B. Kruglikov, Existence of close pseudoholomorphic disks for almost complex manifolds and an application to Kobayashi-Royden pseudonorm.

10.98 B. Kruglikov, Symplectic and contact Lie algebras with an application to Monge-Ampere equations.

12.98 B. Kruglikov, Classification of Monge-Ampere equations with two variables.


05.99 B. Kruglikov, V. Lychagin, On equivalence of differential equations.

12.99 C.V. Jensen, Geometrical structures on the solution spaces of ODE.


01.00 V. Roubtsov, I. Roulstone, Holomorphic structures in hydrodynamical models of nearly geostrophic flow.

02.00 B. Banos, Une classification des operateurs de Monge-Ampere symplectiques en dimension 3.

09.00 M. Overholt, Fluctuation of sectional curvature for closed hypersurfaces.

12.00 B. Kruglikov, Nijenhuis tensors in pseudoholomorphic curves neighborhoods.


02.01 V. Lychagin, Quantizations of Differential Equations.

04.01 B. Kruglikov, Examples of integrable sub-Riemannian geodesic flows.

09.01 C.V. Jensen, Geometrical structures on the solution spaces of integrable distributions.

10.01 B. Kruglikov, V. Lychagin, Mayer brackets and solvability of PDEs - I.

10.01 A. Odesskii, V. Rubtsov, Polynomilal Poisson algebras with regular structure of symplectic leaves.

11.01 P. Jakobsen, V. Lychagin, The categorical theory of relations and quantization.

11.01 H.W. Braden, A. Gorsky, A. Odesskii, V. Rubtsov, Double-Elliptic Dynamical Systems from Generalized Mukai-Sklyanin Algebras.


07.02 B. Banos, On symplectic classification of effective 3-forms and Monge-Ampere equations (translated and updated, cf. 02.00).

08.02 H.-L. Huru, Quantizations and associativity constraints of the category of graded modules.

08.02 B. Banos, Non-degenerate Monge-Ampere structures in dimension 6.

08.02 T. Opsahl, Invariants of geometric structures on differential systems (distributions).

12.02 O.-K. Fossum, On classification of a system of non-linear first-order PDEs of Jacobi type.

12.02 B. Kruglikov, Non-existence of higher-dimensional pseudoholomorphic submanifolds.


01.03 M.A. Akivis, V.V. Goldberg, V.V. Lychagin, Linearizability of d-webs, d>3, on two-dimensional manifolds.

03.03 B. Kruglikov, Tangent and normal bundles in almost complex geometry.

05.03 B. Kruglikov, Characteristic distributions on 4-dimensional almost complex manifolds.

06.03 B. Kruglikov, V. Lychagin, Mayer brackets and solvability of PDEs - II.

11.03 B. Kruglikov, Deformation of big pseudoholomorphic disks and application to the Hanh pseudonorm.


02.04 M. Rypdal, Dynamics of the Zhang model of Self-Organized Criticality.

03.04 P. Jakobsen, V. Lychagin, Relations and quantizations in the category of probabilistic bundles.

04.04 B. Kruglikov, V. Lychagin, Transitive and transversal actions of pseudogroups on submanifolds.

06.04 C.V. Jensen, Decomposition of ODEs with an sl_2 algebra of symmetries.

06.04 B. Kruglikov, V. Lychagin, A compatibility criterion for systems of PDEs and generalized Lagrange-Charpit method.

09.04 P. Jakobsen, A. Newell, Invariant measures and Entropy production in Wave Turbulence.

10.04 H.-L. Huru, V. Lychagin, Quantizations and classical non-commutative and non-associative algebras.

11.04 P. Jakobsen, V. Lychagin, Operator-valued probability theory.

12.04 B. Kruglikov, M. Rypdal, Dynamics and Entropy in the Zhang model of Self-Organized Criticality.


01.05 V.V. Goldberg, V.V. Lychagin, On the Blaschke conjecture for 3-Webs.

01.05 B. Kruglikov, V. Matveev, Strictly non-proportional geodesically equivalent metrics have htop(g)=0.

01.05 E. Fossgaard, T. Fl, An invariant Bayesian model selection principle for Gaussian data.

02.05 B. Kruglikov, V. Lychagin, Spencer delta-cohomology, restrictions, characteristics and involutive symbolic PDEs.

03.05 E. Mjlhus, A. Wikan, T. Solberg, On synchronization in semelparous populations.

04.05 B. Kruglikov, M. Rypdal, Entropy via multiplicity.

05.05 B. Kruglikov, M. Rypdal, A piece-wise affine contracting map with positive Entropy.

05.05 E. Fossgaard, T. Fl, K. Ruud, Wavelets: A new paradigm for quantum chemical calculations?

06.05 P. Jakobsen, V. Lychagin, Universal Semigroups.

06.05 C.V. Jensen, Linear ODEs and D-modules, solving and decomposing equations using symmetry methods.

08.05 V. Lychagin, O. Lychagina, Finite dimensional dynamics for Evolutionary Equations.


01.06 B. Kruglikov, O. Lychagina, Finite-dimensional dynamics for KPP equation.

04.06 B. Kruglikov, V. Lychagin, Multi-brackets of differential operators and compatibility (BK's talk at Joensuu, Finland and Oslo, Norway).

04.06 V. Goldberg, V. Lychagin, Abelian equations and differential invariants of webs (VG's talk at Joensuu, Finland and Madrid, Spain).

06.06 P. Jakobsen, V. Lychagin, Maximum Entropy Wave functions.

08.06 W.Y. Hsiang, E. Straume, Kinematic geometry of triangles and the study of the three-body problem.

09.06 B. Kruglikov, V. Lychagin, Dimension of the solutions space of PDEs.

09.06 E. Straume, A geometric study of many body systems.


01.07 B. Kruglikov, V. Lychagin, Geometry of Differential Equations (Chapter from the Handbook on Global Analysis).

03.07 V. Goldberg, V. Lychagin, Abelian equations and rank problems for planar webs.

04.07 B. Kruglikov, Anomaly of Linearization and Auxiliary Integrals.

05.07 K. Rypdal, M. Rypdal, Stochastic theory for temporal fluctuations in sand-pile models.

09.07 B. Kruglikov, Symmetry approaches for reductions of PDEs, differential constraints and Lagrange-Charpit method.

11.07 P. Jakobsen, V. Lychagin, Stochastic relations and the problem of prior in the principle of maximum entropy.

12.07 V. Golovko, P. Kersten, I. Krasilshchik, A. Verbovetsky, On integrability of the Camassa--Holm equation and its invariants.

12.07 P. Jakobsen, Boundary integral formulation of the Maxwell equations (report at Tucson, USA).

12.07 A. Kushner, Monge-Ampere Equations and Laplace Invariants.


01.08 I. Krasilshchik, B. Kruglikov, Valentin Lychagin - Dedication (for Acta Aplicandae Mathematicae).

02.08 M. Hyem, Differential invariants of the 2D conformal Lie algebra action.

03.08 B. Shapiro, Root asymptotics for the eigenfunctions of univariate differential operators and Stokes lines.

08.08 B. Kruglikov, Point classification of 2nd order ODEs: Tresse classification revisited and beyond.

09.08 A. Marshakov, On non-Abelian theories and Abelian differentials.

09.08 V. Lychagin, Feedback Differential Invariants.

10.08 M. Rypdal, Dynamical and stochastic aspects of self-organized critical behavior in sandpiles.

11.08 V. Goldberg, V. Lychagin, Geodesic Webs on a Two-Dimensional Manifold and Euler Equations.

11.08 P. Kersten, I. Krasilshchik, A. Verbovetsky, R. Vitolo, Hamiltonian structures for general PDEs.

12.08 D. Gurevich, P. Saponov, Wave operators on quantum algebras via noncanonical quantization.

12.08 Y. Kosmann-Schwarzbach, V. Rubtsov, Compatible structures on Lie algebroids and Monge-Ampere operators.


02.09 E. Mjlhus, Finite Larmor radius influence on MHD solitary waves.

03.09 B. Kruglikov, Involutivity of field equations.

05.09 P. Jakobsen, The Numerical Calculation of Casimir Forces - a computational challenge.

06.09 J. Eschenburg, B. Kruglikov, V. Matveev, R. Tribuzy, Compatibility of Gauss maps with metrics.

07.09 V. Goldberg, V. Lychagin, Geodesic webs of hypersurfaces.

08.09 P. Jakobsen, Calculating optical forces using the boundary integral method.

12.09 M. Kosch, E. Mjlhus, M. Ashrafi, M. Rietveld, T. Yeoman, S. Nozawa, Angular dependence of pump‐induced bottomside and topside
ionospheric plasma turbulence at EISCAT


01.10 J. Hansen, T. Johnsen, K. Ranestad, Grassmann codes and Schubert unions.

02.10 I. Anderson, B. Kruglikov, Rank 2 distributions of Monge equations: symmetries, equivalences, extensions.

03.10 B. Kruglikov, Finite-dimensionality in Tanaka theory.

04.10 B. Kruglikov, Uniqueness in Tanaka theory.

04.10 T. Johnsen, N. Rasmussen, Scroll codes over curves of higher genus.

09.10 P. Bibikov, V. Lychagin, GL(2,C)-orbts of binary rational forms.


04.11 P. Bibikov, V. Lychagin, Projective classification of binary and ternary forms.

04.11 B. Kruglikov, Laplace transformation of Lie class w=1 overdetermined systems.

06.11 O. Morozov, Contact Integrable Extensions and Zero-Curvature Representations for the Second Heavenly Equation.

08.11 B. Kruglikov, Lie theorem via rank 2 distributions (integration of PDEs of Lie class w=1).

08.11 T. Johnsen, H. Verdures, Hamming weights and Betti numbers of Stanley-Reisner rings associated to matroids.

11.11 B. Kruglikov, Symmetry, compatibility and exact solutions of PDEs.

11.11 N. Konovenko, V. Lychagin, On projective classifications of plane curves.

11.11 O. Morozov, Contact Integrable Extensions and Differential Coverings for the Generalized (2+1)-Dimensional Dispersionless Dym Equation.

12.11 B. Kruglikov, V. Lychagin, Global Lie-Tresse theorem.