Year 2008. Dept Math & Stat (UiT).

7 Feb 2008
    Boris Kruglikov - "Dynamics of Networks" (résumé).

14 Feb 2008
    Marte Hřyem - "Differential invariants of the 2D conformal Lie algebra action" (résumé).

21 Feb 2008
    Trygve Johnsen - "Error-correcting codes from algebraic geometry" (résumé).

28 Feb 2008
    Valentin Lychagin - "Schrödinger equations and projective structures" (résumé).

6 Mar 2008
    Alain Bourgeat (Université Lyon1, France) & Andrey Piatnitski (Narvik University College, Norway; Lebedev Physical Institute, Russia)
    - "Homogenization of a diffusion-convection equation with source term" (résumé).

11 Mar 2008
    Boris Shapiro (Stockholm University, Sweden) - "On root asymptotics for polynomial and entire eigenfunctions" (résumé).

25 Mar 2008
    Andrea Braides (University Roma 2, Italy) - "The use of Gamma-convergence in the analysis of multi-scale problems" (résumé).

3 Apr 2008
    Einar Mjřlhus - The ”Z mode” (résumé).

10 Apr 2008
    Boris Kruglikov - ”Classical and Quantum Integrability” (résumé).

17 Apr 2008
    Martin Rypdal - "Modeling the temporal fluctuations in sandpiles" (résumé).

24 Apr 2008
    Amir Hossein Tabatabaei (Sadra Institute of Higher Education, Tehran, Iran)
    - "Multisymplectic numerical methods on Burgers equation".

28 May 2008
    Gunnar Söderbacka (Luleĺ University of Technology, Sweden) - "Dynamical Systems in Applications" (résumé).

29 May 2008
    Sudhir Ghorpade (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India) - "Geometry of subspaces of a Vector Space and Applications to Coding Theory" (résumé).

3 Sep 2008
    Sergey Nazarov (Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems, St. Petersburg, Russia) - "Gaps in the continuous spectrum of periodic cylindrical waveguides" (résumé).

10 Sep 2008
    Boris Kruglikov - "Point classification of 2nd order ODEs: Tresse classification revisited and beyond" (résumé).

17 Sep 2008
    Grigory L. Litvinov (Independent University of Moscow, Russia) - "The Maslov dequantization and tropical mathematics" (résumé).

24 Sep 2008
    Valentin Lychagin - "Differential Invariants for Control Theory" (résumé).

1 Oct 2008
    Marius Overholt - "Sums of two squares" (résumé).

15-22 Oct 2008
    Einar Mjřlhus - "Finite Larmor Radius effects on MHD solitons" (résumé).

5 Nov 2008
    Boris Kruglikov - "Isometric immersions into Euclidean space: a brief review" (résumé).