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Geometry and Algebra of PDEs, University of Tromsų, August 12-17, 2007


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Travel information

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Travel information:

The standard manner of arriving to Tromsų is by plane. Airport details can be found here. Two major companies are:

We advice to plan your trip in time, so that you can get a reasonable price. Also please note that all flights in the route Oslo-Tromsų depart from the Oslo airport Gardermoen (OSL), but some companies arrive to the small Oslo airport Torp/Sandefjord (TRF). If this is your case, you can change airports using an express-bus, but be sure you have enough time.

The workshop location is around 50 min drive from the Tromsų airport. Bus to the Conference Center on August 12 will be organized to leave Tromsų at around 18:30 (please do not forget to check in your luggage at Oslo, otherwise you won't get it in Tromsų). Return bus will be arranged on August 17 between 9 and 11. Please inform us about your leaving time, maybe we'll need to organize two smaller buses on different times.

There are also regular buses from Tromsų to Sommarųy, but they are infrequent (the most useful is 420, see the map), so that if you plan to arrive/leave at some different time, you need to check the bus schedule or contact us.

Other means of arriving to Tromsų include: Boat, Train + Bus (for Sweden/Finland) and a car. Consult Destination Tromsų for details.

If you are planning on staying longer in Tromsų, please arrange a hotel in advance. Good selection of hotels is here. We would also ask you to indicate this to us (free hints in return).


Last updated: August 1, 2007