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Geometry and Algebra of PDEs, University of Tromsų, August 12-17, 2007


Topics of the Workshop





Travel information

Organization details

If you wish to participate at the Workshop, please fill and submit the following Registration form (yellow fields obligative):
    First Name :
    Family Name:
    Gender (for housing reasons): F M

    Status : Dr. Prof. Mr. Ms.
    E-mail : . .
    Phone : Fax :

    Do you need an official invitation (for visa)? Yes No
    Would you like to give a talk? Yes No
    Title (if Yes):

    Arrival time (if booked) : I will inform later
    Departure time (if booked) I will inform later

    Additional info (living conditions, arriving with spouse, meal or other requirements etc):

    Note: Please read the information below before submission.

Once the registration is approved, you'll need to care for the travel (see our travel tips) and to arrange local expenses.
The conference pack consists of:

  • Full board and lodging (6 days, 5 nights) = 5900 NOK in a double room / 7000 NOK in a single room.
    When you get confirmation letter from us, you'll be asked to book directly with the Conference Center (we'll send info).
    This amount shall be paid (in any form) to the hotel.
  • Application fee (incl. social events and transportation) = 1000 NOK (check here for the rate).
    This amount shall be paid to us in cash upon arrival.
    Should you skip social events (boat trip/excursion), the application fee is reduced to 400 NOK.

Please note that all the rooms at the Conference Center are double. Our default option is to ask you to share a room with another participant. If it is inconvenient please write this in the registration form (then you pay extra, as indicated above, and possess the whole room).

Also note that since August 12 is the arrival day and August 17 is the departure day, the number of talks at the workshop will be reasonably limited. The decision about distribution of talks will be made after June 1.

Registration deadline is: June 1, 2007. We cannot guarantee places at the Conference Center after this date.

Last updated: March 20, 2007