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Geometry and Algebra of PDEs, University of Troms°, August 12-17, 2007


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The University of Troms° is the world's northernmost university. It is located at a latitude of nearly 70 degrees North, and although being rather small it covers a large array of subjects. They include all basic directions in the natural sciences and many advanced subjects related to the unique position in the Arctic.

The city of Troms° was traditionally the gateway to the Arctic, the place where whaling and polar expeditions started. A lively and cultural city, known as the "Northern Paris", it annually gathers crowds of people to noticeable events like the Northern Lights musical Festival, Midnight Sun Marathon etc. Summer is a high season in Troms° with plenty of attractions.

The meeting will take place on the small island of Sommar°y. It is a place of great natural beauty, and a modern Conference Center makes it an ideal location for a Workshop. Not far from the city, it faces the Ocean, so the participants will have an opportunity to fully enjoy the Arctic nature.

Last updated: January 5, 2007