Welcome to the Sophus Lie Seminar at UiT

Seminar schedule

This seminar started in 1999. It is dedicated to the Lie theory, geometric theory of differential equations, integrability and related subjects from differential geometry and mathematical physics, represenation theory, analysis and applied mathematics.

The seminar is named in honor of Sophus Marius Lie and we would like to present you his short biography (partially adapted from MacTutor).

List of participants:

Boris Kruglikov, Dennis The, Andrea Santi, David McNutt, Anna Escofet Pacreu, Trygve Johnsen, Hilja Lisa Huru, Eivind Schneider, Wijnand Steneker, Henrik Winther.

Previous participants:

Tor Flå, Ole Kristian Fossum, Christian O'Cadiz Gustad, Marthe Høyem, Per Jakobsen, Cathrine Jensen, Johnson Allen Kessy, Isak Kilen, Aleksii Kotov, Andreu Llabrés i Brustenga, Valentin Lychagin, Olga Lychagina, Einar Mjoelhus, Oleg Morozov, Thomas Opsahl, Marius Overholt, Andrei Prasolov, Martin Rypdal.

Here is the list of old papers and preprints.

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