Year 2016. Dept Math & Stat (UiT).

 9 Feb 2016
    Lenka Zalabova (University of Southern Bohemia, Czech Rep) - “On automorphisms with natural tangent actions on homogeneous parabolic geometries” (résumé).

23 Feb 2016
    Cordian Riener (résumé).

1 Mar 2016
    Alexander Isaev (Australian National University, Canberra) - “Isolated hypersurface singularities and associated forms” (résumé).

18 Mar 2016
    Grégoire Allaire (CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique, France) - “Geometrical constraints in the level set method for shape and topology optimization of structures” (résumé)

5 Apr 2016
    Valentin Lychagin - “Differential contra algebraic invariants” (résumé)

12 Apr 2016
    Henrik Winther - “Invariant Connections on Non-Symmetric Isotropy Irreducible Homogeneous Spaces” (résumé).

26 Apr 2016
    Boris Kruglikov - “Poincaré functions for some geometric structures” (résumé).

3 May 2016
    Eivind Schneider - “Differential invariants of self-dual conformal structures” (résumé).

18 Aug 2016
    Dennis The - “Homogeneous integrable Legendrian contact structures - 1” (résumé).

23 Aug 2016
    Dennis The - “Homogeneous integrable Legendrian contact structures - 2” (continuation).

26 Sep - 6 Oct 2016
    mini-workshop "Geometry and Representations" (program).

20 Oct 2016
    Dennis The - “Curved orbit decomposition in parabolic geometry” (résumé).

1 Nov 2016
    Boris Doubrov (Belarusian State University) - “Classification techniques for subalgebras in reductive Lie algebras. Example: subalgebras in G_2” (résumé).

8 Nov 2016
    Boris Kruglikov - “Linearly degenerate PDE systems associated with 4-folds in Gr(3,5): integrability and classification” (résumé).

6 Dec 2016
    Bjørn Ian Dundas (University of Bergen) - “What does it mean that two things are equal?” (résumé).

13 Dec 2016
    Irina Pettersson (UiT Narvik) - “Existence and uniqueness results for a stationary convection-diffusion equation in cylindrical domains” - joint work with A. Piatnitski (résumé);
    Klas Pettersson (UiT Narvik) - “Elasticity, shape and size of a planar perforated structure” (résumé).