29 Nov 2006; Mat-Nat Faculty (UiT°), room U1=A228. Wednesday 10:15-12:00

Peder A. Tyvand (Norwegian University of Life Sciences, ┼s)

"Sexually neutral random mating with the numbers of males and females given".

An inhomogeneous discrete Markov model is formulated for sexual random mating in populations of diploid male and female individuals. The generations are non-overlapping and of given finite sizes. The genetic variation under consideration resides in a sexually neutral allele, which appears in two varieties.

In the Markov model there are three different genotypes. As in Wright's classical model, the numbers of males and females are given in each generation, numbers that may vary arbitrarily from generation to generation. The average genotype frequencies and their standard deviations as well as the fixation probabilities are calculated for given founder populations. Emphasis is put on three distinct classes of periodic bottlenecks.

The work is joint with Steinar Thorvaldsen (Troms° University College)